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Native windows software seems to be slowly getting out of the market. The introduction of the web in the market has largely contributed to this due to the high competition it gives to native windows software. Despite of stiff competition from the web, native windows still have invaluable benefits such as:

Cost of hosting a desktop app is very little as compared to that of the web. For native windows, only downloading of visitor files is required which is then used for a given period of time until the next upgrade of the windows. The cost which could have been used on hosting the desktop app can be converted into an investment in other areas.

Native windows have a better integration with the hardware. This means that work can be completed and be printed using the same desktop without necessarily having to move around. This leads to saving on time and money since printing documents from different gadgets can attract a cost.

The native windows software provides privacy to the information owner. This means that the owners keep their own information without having to give it to the third party for safe keeping.

Therefore, this becomes a cheaper and more affordavle optio, as such owners won’t have to pay for a certain amount of fee to ensure that their privacy is upheld. Thus, such a fee can be diversified to other uses.
Its continuous availability makes it more favorable despite its provider getting out of the market. This means that the native software will continue providing its users its services without necessarily becoming obsolete. As a result, one does not have to worry about how they have to run up and down looking for new software to serve them in the next periods. Also, those working on projects won’t have to stop their ongoing projects as a result of such changes. Such advantage will help the users to continue earning their income since no project of theirs on contract can be cancelled due to lack of consistency.
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